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Refining NZ’s Marsden Point refinery is New Zealand’s only oil refinery. Crude oil is shipped into Refining NZ’s deep-water port at Marsden Point, where it is refined it into high quality transport fuels.
For over 20 years, Intergroup carried out maintenance and project work at the refinery including :

  • Gully sucking operations
  • HP water services
  • Hydro excavation/UHP scabbling
  • Spill containment
  • Acid catalyst handling services

Gully sucking operations

Gully suckers are specialised tankers with suction gear which suck up wet waste, mud and sludge out of gully traps. Our maintenance contract at the Marsden refinery included the following gully sucking operations:

  • Sucking down chemical pads to prevent overflow
  • Monitoring the accidental oil contamination canals which lead to the stormwater basin which discharges to the Whangarei Harbour in order to remove oil prior to it entering the stormwater basin
  • Removal of water from the white oils stored in tank compounds prior to sending the finished product on the RAP line to Wiri Oil Terminal
  • Drainage, inspection and maintenance of the COC system involving isolating sections of the system with drain plugs and drawing the system down with gully suckers
  • Removal of blockages caused by heavy rainfall from the tank roof drains. This is done to prevent the floating roofs from becoming water logged, which may cause the roof to flip over and submerge into the stored crude oil

Gully suckers played a vital role at the refinery by providing an effective and efficient means of removing contaminants from targeted areas to prevent those contaminants entering the surrounding environment which includes the sensitive Whangarei Harbour.

Hydro excavation / Hydrodemolition

Hydro excavation uses high-pressure water instead of manual chipping. It is more precise than standard excavators, faster than hand digging and reduces the risk of service strikes. Powerful vacuums then remove the excavated clay and soil, gravels, base course, and rocks. Similarly, hydro demolition uses ultra-high pressure water to remove concrete.
Intergroup used hyrdoexcavation for several projects involving the installation of new plant at the Marsden Point refinery. The use of hydroexcavation equipment allowed Intergroup to undertake earthworks close to existing operational plant and also to undertake work to expose underground services safely.

Spill Contamination

Intergroup has a long history of assisting with spill containment at the Marsden Point refinery. We worked collaboratively with the team at Refining NZ to agree, and then implement, remediation plans for various spills. Intergroup was involved in managing a number of spills which were successfully cleaned up using cost effective and time saving solutions.
Intergroup’s proven spill containment track record at the Marsden Point refinery resulted in the Police listing Intergroup as first response for spills in Northland. We have attended and addressed spills in Whangarei, Ruakaka and Kerikeri to prevent spills entering stormwater drains that lead to waterways and harbours.

Part of the Team

Over 20 years of working together, Intergroup developed a strong working relationship with Refining NZ. Intergroup worked collaboratively with Refining NZ to tackle maintenance issues, emergency situations and the challenges of project work. Intergroup prides itself on its ability to continuously offer innovative and cost effective solutions to its industrial customers.

Crude oil bought by Refining NZ’s customers is shipped to the Marsden Refinery where it is refined into:
– Jet fuel
– Diesel
– Petrol
– Bitumen
– Ship fuel
– Sulphur for farm fertiliser
The Marsden Point Refinery occupies a 1 km square site at the mouth of the Whangarei Harbour.
In 2011, Refining NZ celebrated the 50 year anniversary of the Marsden Point Refinery.