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For over 30 years, Intergroup has been Babcock NZ’s preferred exclusive supplier for all marine and ship industrial services at the RNZ dry dock in Devonport. Intergroup has been involved in servicing ferries, container/shipping vessels, navy frigates, dive boats and super-yachts at the dry dock.

The yard’s Calliope dry dock is equipped with a 40 tonne travelling crane and skyjack traveling painting booms. The dry dock can accommodate vessels up to 170 metres in length.
The services provided by Intergroup at the RNZ dry dock include:

  • Ultra high-pressure water jetting, painting, vacuum loading
  • Removal of marine growth, corrosion and coatings
  • Cleaning of all surfaces including hull, decks and flight decks
  • Ship industrial services, for example, cleaning of pipes, ducting, tubes, engine rooms, boilers and plant
The HMNZS Endeavour in dry dock.

The HMNZS Endeavour in dry dock.

HMNZS Endeavour

The HMNZS Endeavour is the New Zealand Navy’s purpose built fleet replenishment tanker. The Endeavour refuels ships at sea to enable the Navy’s frigates and other vessels to operate over long distances for extended periods of time.

The Endeavour recently underwent major refurbishment work at the RNZ dry dock. As part of that work, Intergroup provided a full underwater package, undertook work to preserve the cargo fuel oil tanks and carried out a full strip of the deck.

Work being carried out on The Sonne at the RNZ dry dock.

Work being carried out on The Sonne at the RNZ dry dock.

The Sonne

The Sonne is a German research vessel that is to be shortly decommissioned by its owners. The Sonne will be replaced with a new vessel that is currently under construction. Intergroup recently undertook preservation work on the external and internal areas of the vessel to enable it to remain in operation until the new vessel is ready.

Intergroup’s work on the Sonne while it was in dry dock included cleaning the ‘moon pool’ which is a duct used for taking marine samples. The moon pool is in direct contact with the ocean. Intergroup’s marine project team used a tank cleaning head to high-pressure blast the moon pool. The use of this specialised equipment eliminated the need for scaffolding and resulted in significant cost savings for the owner.

The “A” at the RNZ dry dock. The 119m long super-yacht called the “A” is owned by the Russian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko.

The “A” at the RNZ dry dock. The 119m long super-yacht called the “A” is owned by the Russian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko.

The ‘A’

The ‘A’ docked in Auckland for a repaint in October 2013 following a paint job in the United States that the owner considered was not up to standard. Intergroup provided specialist services for the preparation of surfaces prior to painting. In addition, Intergroup undertook underwater hull preservation and responded to other maintenance requests from the owner’s representative.



Stringent health and safety and environmental standards

Intergroup’s work at the RNZ dry dock requires strict compliance with dockyard safety requirements and naval security protocols. During its 30 years of operation at the RNZ dry dock, Intergroup has established an excellent health and safety record and no security incidents have occurred.

Given the location of the dry dock within the coastal marine area, stringent environmental standards must also be met. Intergroup uses environmentally friendly ultra-high pressure water jetting technology that avoids the use of abrasives or environmentally damaging chemicals to strip surfaces.