The finish you want – finished when you want

Intergroup has provided abrasive blasting and coating services to customers nationwide for over 35 years. We offer a ‘smooth service and smooth finish’ for:

  • Structural steel
  • Construction componentry
  • Plant and machinery maintenance
  • Marine (componentry, plant, and ships)
  • Buildings
  • Fencing


Abrasive Blasting

  • Grit abrasive blasting to SA3 standards
  • Range of grit abrasives (steel shot and garnet)
  • Different pressures to suit the materials and their purpose
  • 15m x 6m factory blast booth for safe containment
  • Gantry crane (5-tonne capacity) and forklifts for manoeuvring and access
  • Capability ranges from large items to small componentry and everything in between
  • Grit recycling for cost-effectiveness and environmental sustainability

Industrial Coatings

  • We can handle all items – large and small
  • Varied coating types, finishes and applications
  • Brush, roller, HVLP, conventional and airless spray applications
  • Metal arc spraying for greater rust protection
  • Prime- and multi-coatings, including stripe coating for quality assurance
  • Pre-coat water blasting and steam cleaning available
  • Air pressure testing for optimal efficiency
  • DFT (dry film thickness) gauge testing for total quality assurance
  • Worksite containment and waste thinner recycling for environmental friendliness

Environment Conditioning

  • Dehumidification using air dryers, heating, air in-line filters, desiccant filters and moisture traps to maintain optimal environmental conditions during surface preparation and coating.


Cost-Effectiveness, Speed and Efficiency

  • A one-stop shop for all your abrasive blasting and industrial coating needs
  • Methodologies are tailored to suit your needs, budget and programme – “the finish you want, finished when you want”
  • Ongoing investment in new plant and up-to-date technology for optimal efficiency


Robust quality assurance at every stage for high-calibre workmanship:

  • Visual check of surface cleanliness before coating
  • DFT gauge testing to measure depth and thickness of paint against specifications
  • Post-application visual inspection and stripe coating if needed
  • Cooperation with independent inspection providers as required

Risk Reduction and Reputation

  • Safe waste containment and recycling for environmental and public protection
  • Strong focus on staff and visitor safety in line with OSH requirements


Texco Engineering

Intergroup has been integral in performing abrasive blasting and coating on the structural steel used by Texco Engineering to aid in the post-earthquake Christchurch rebuild. Regular repeat work from Texco Engineering is a testament to their satisfaction with our service.

Southern Cross Engineering

Intergroup regularly provides abrasive blasting and coating services to Southern Cross Engineering.

For example, we have recently prepared its grain stacker plant for export to Australia. Independent quality assurance inspections have been required at each step to ensure that the plant meets stringent Australian standards. Our work has met or exceeded the required standard every time.

“We’ve been using Intergroup for years for blasting and industrial painting. They are responsive – if I want something done, they’ll do it straight away, which is good. Excellent customer service and helpfulness. Timeliness is important in our business because production timeframes are tight. I’d given them some items to paint and then gave them some other project fabrications – the second lot was more urgent and so they rearranged their schedule for us. They are certainly hitting the mark when it comes to meeting the specs – even on complex products with high specifications.”

James Conner,
Production Leader,
Southern Cross Engineering