Waste & Environmental

InterGroup’s environmental services involve the whole nine yards of responsible waste management – solid or liquid. We believe in the 3 R’s: Recovery, Recycling and Re-using – meaning we are actively looking into re-using different kinds of waste as a commodity. As experts in the subject, we are focused on reducing our environmental footprint by improving our sustainability across our services and by being environmentally aware in our everyday activities.

InterGroup’s liquid waste management capabilities include standard and high-tech options, suitable for different types of businesses, small or large. Our clients range from restaurants and fast food chains to local government authorities. Whether it’s one-off, cyclic or scheduled servicing, our dedicated staff are ready to meet your requirements 24/7 – anywhere, anytime.

Waste we can receive and process includes:

  • Road sweepings
  • Catchpit waste
  • Hydro Excavation
  • Grease trap waste
  • Distillate oils and sludges
  • Detergents, caustic and acid cleaners
  • Galvanizing, electroplating and foundry plant waste
  • Oil and Gas exploration drilling waste
  • Food waste
  • Hydrocarbon waste
  • Sewerage & Septic waste
  • Contaminated Soil

Need to take care of your solid waste? Let InterGroup deal with it. Our full services extend to cleaning, transferring, removing and, if possible, recycling solid waste. In addition to providing cleaning and waste management solutions, we also respond reactively to your needs, followed by recommending proactive prevention measures for your business.

InterGroup is capable of providing and running on-site wastewater treatment plants, delivering 24/7 operations for your projects. Our plant designs are mostly automated to minimise health and safety risks. Our robotic technology will handle everything, while our technicians will be regularly visiting the plants to make sure everything is up to regulatory standards.

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