Industrial services delivery on various offshore oil facilities in the Maari and Tui oil fields are now being delivered by Intergroup as the company ramps up its services in the sector.

For example, Intergroup staff on a floating production, storage and offload (FPSO) vessel have begun a difficult cleaning operation in the ship’s forepeak area. This job, which two other contractors have previously attempted, is especially difficult because of the confined space nature of the area and the materials involved.

Using rope access and steam cleaning technology, operators have made significant progress that fully meets the client’s expectations.

Other services that Intergroup will be providing include running a blasting and painting programme for corrosion protection, ultra-high pressure (UHP) water blasting and dry blasting, as well as running quality assurance, inspections, technical support, and unique requirements such as rope access non-destructive testing (NDT).

To support delivery of the services, Intergroup will introduce new technology and equipment, such as that used for tank cleaning and sludge removal. All equipment introduced to the job will be rig safe and zone rated, to reflect safety requirements around the highly volatile working environment. The new equipment will include UHP pumps, air compressors and low-pressure water blasters.

Examples of the specialist equipment that Intergroup is deploying to its offshore oil work sites include Hammelmann and Woma pumps.

The Hammelmann is a Zone 1/Zone 2 T3 rated high-pressure pump able to operate at UHP or low pressure. Designed for use in highly hazardous areas the Hammelmann can operate anywhere on a vessel or oil rig, rather than being confined to safe zones.

Like the Hammelmann, the Woma pump is a Zone 1 certified industrial pump unit specially designed and built for offshore tank cleaning. Capable of delivering 4000psi and 25 l/min the Woma can be used across a wide range of applications on offshore oil facilities. With a built-in offshore lifting frame, the Woma is highly portable as well as powerful and able to operate in hazardous areas

Intergroup has fully qualified offshore operators trained and ready to put the Hammelmann and Woma pumps into action.

All staff on site are certified and fully accredited to the standard required for the multi-hazard wok environment and the hazardous nature of the work they’re required to carry out. This includes BOSIET, UKOOA medical certification, and UHP operator, confined space and working at heights certification.

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