Protective Coatings

Smooth operator, smooth service, smooth finish – these are the three main aspects that define InterGroup’s coating services. Our capabilities range from large items to small components, and everything in between. We provide marine maintenance abrasive blasting, intumescent coatings, and blast and paint coating services for buildings, marine vessels and more. Our coating procedure involves pre-application visual checks as well as post-application visual inspections, guaranteeing you to get the finish you want, finished when you want.

Passive fireproofing services are methods of protecting buildings from fire by applying coatings that insulate and resist heat. Intumescent painting is a type of coating that expands when exposed to fire, creating a foam layer that protects the steel structure. Cementitious coatings are another type of coating that are made of cement and water, and provide fire resistance and waterproofing to concrete and masonry surfaces.

Intumescent Coatings and Passive Fireproofing service by InterGroup in Wellington, Glenbrook, Hamilton, Tauranga, New Plymouth, Christchurch, East Tamaki and other nationwide locations.

Fabric maintenance services are methods of preserving and enhancing the integrity and performance of industrial structures and equipment. They may include applying protective coatings, using rope access techniques, conducting non-destructive testing, and performing high pressure water jetting cleaning to remove dirt, scale, and corrosion.

Image of Industrial Cleaning services by InterGroup offering everything from fabric maintenance, cobblestone cleaning to hydro vac nationwide in New Zealand.

Bridge and structure protective painting services are methods of repairing corrosion, corrosion protection, preparing steel and applying coatings that protect steel and concrete structures from corrosion and weather. They may involve rigging, containment, surface preparation, and coating application techniques. These services include corrosion assessment which helps to extend the lifespan and appearance of bridges and other structures.

InterGroup image for Blasting and Painting of tower, a protective coating service nationwide in New Zealand.

InterGroup specialises in efficient and cost-effective tank maintenance services. We use IRATA-qualified rope access teams who carry out work including abrasive blasting, surface preparation, coatings, tank repairs through confined space entry. This ensures tanks are cleaned and maintained efficiently and safely, minimising both the costs and the risks associated with tank maintenance.

InterGroup image of Tank Maintenance services and city cleaning services including grease traps, litter bin cleaning and waste management services in South Taranaki, Hamilton, Dunedin, Kawerau New Zealand.

Our marine services include ship cleaning, surface preparation, and painting services. We provide high pressure water jetting, abrasive blasting, and can deploy our advanced Hydrocat for automated, self-contained UHP operations. We offer the full spectrum of coatings, from thermal spray aluminium to specialised internal ceramic coatings, with DFT gauge testing for quality assurance.

Image of rope access blasting and painting offshore for InterGroup's tank cleaning services and marine maintenance services in and around New Zealand, nationwide.

We provide an innovative ‘Blast and Paint’ service – using paint booths to prepare and paint structural steel and other components, such as pipelines, for a range of clients across the country.

Latest updates

Marsden Point Robotic Tank Cleaning

Marsden Point Manual Tank Clean with Channel Infrastructure The Project  In June 2022, InterGroup was appointed by Channel Infrastructure (formerly Refining NZ) to provide manual tank cleaning services. This formed part of the decommissioning stage of the transition from a refinery to a terminal storage facility, with some tanks earmarked for a change in product [...]

Revitalisation of Auckland’s CAB

Revitalising Auckland's Civic Administration Building Lead Primer Removal and Intumescent Coating This project aimed to reinvent Auckland’s iconic Civic Administration Building from a stalwart of local government to a vibrant mixed-use development in the heart of the central business district - the cornerstone of the Civic Quarter development. By renovating the building whose original use [...]

Drone Technology with LiDAR Provides Emergency Assistance

Drone Technology with LiDAR Provides Emergency AssistanceThe Project: A critical situation arose in a large city centre, when a section of the main sewer line collapsed causing a burst pipe and a 13m sinkhole. With the collapsed sewer servicing large parts of the highly populated city, urgent investigation and resolution was required and InterGroup approached [...]

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