Since the beginning, InterGroup has been recognised as one of New Zealand’s Infrastructure Services Specialists. Our specialisation includes three waters management, road cleaning, city cleaning and utilities and ports cleaning/maintenance. These services remain part of the company’s core business today and they are tailorable to suit your needs, budget and programme. Coupled with quality maintenance by InterGroup, cleaning and maintaining your sites has never been this satisfying.

We understand that the three waters regulatory environment can get too complicated sometimes. Each system has its own rules, monitoring and service delivery. That’s where InterGroup come to the rescue. We use state-of-the-art robots and other technologies to make it easier for you to clean or maintain your three waters systems.

InterGroup has been keeping the road networks of New Zealand clean for more than 40 years. Our projects have also involved work in urban environments, which need a high level of traffic management and noise control. Bridge painting? Check. Graffiti Removal? No problem. With InterGroup as your roading specialist, you will be on your road to success.

Keep your utilities and ports safe and clean with InterGroup. As the leader in utilising high and ultra-high-water jetting technology, InterGroup conducts ongoing investment in new plants and up-to-date technology for optimal efficiency. With a collection of automated and robotic equipment as well as experienced operators, you will save time and money.

From Cape Reinga to Marlborough, InterGroup has been keeping NZ cities clean for more than 40+ years. Specialising in the city cleaning department, InterGroup’s fleet of sweepers are designed to be dangerous on debris, but safe for the operator. Whether it’s litter bin collection or footpath sweeping, InterGroup is the expert.

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