Since the beginning, InterGroup has been recognised as one of New Zealand’s Infrastructure Services Specialists. Our specialisation includes hydro excavation, city cleaning, drain cleaning, pipe cleaning, street cleaning, road sweeping, cobblestone cleaning, litter collection, litter bin cleaning, pond cleaning and vacuum loading. These services remain part of the company’s core business today and they are tailorable to suit your needs, budget and programme. Coupled with quality maintenance by InterGroup, cleaning and maintaining your sites has never been this satisfying.

Hydro excavation (hydro vac) is a method of non-destructive digging that uses pressurised water and a vacuum system to remove soil and debris. It is safer, faster, and more accurate than traditional excavation tools. Hydro excavation can be used for various applications, such as installing or locating underground utilities, landscaping, pipe and sewer rehabilitation, and more. InterGroup provides hydro excavation and air excavation to suit all needs.

Hydro excavation by Intergroup who have a range of different hydro excavators and air vacs to suit all needs servicing nationwide in New Zealand

InterGroup have a comprehensive range of pipe and drainage maintenance and drain cleaning equipment such as combination units, flushers and vacuum loaders. We can perform cesspit cleaning, culvert flushing, wastewater pipeline blockage removal, root cutting and treatment device maintenance.

Pipeline CCTV condition assessment is the use of cameras to inspect the inside of stormwater and wastewater pipelines and chambers. Pipeline CCTV facilitates pipeline inspection and helps to identify defects, locate features, and evaluate the pipe’s condition. CCTV condition assessment follows the New Zealand Gravity Pipe Inspection Manual and uses advanced reporting software.

InterGroup’s road sweeping and pavement sweeping services consist of the cleaning of roadways, cobblestone, footpaths and industrial sites using specialised truck mounted vacuum sweepers. This removes dirt, dust, debris and lead fall from all surfaces, keeping your city clean and industrial site environmentally compliant.

Litter collection and litter bin cleaning services are the removal and disposal of waste from public places. InterGroup specialise in the collection of waste from public litter bins and illegal waste dumping to contribute to city cleaning.

Vacuum loading is the use of a vacuum truck to suck out sludge, silt, and debris from ponds and other infrastructure as part of our sludge management service. It is a fast and effective way to perform liquid waste management to clean and maintain waterways, stormwater drains, and wastewater systems.

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