Protecting the Health and Safety of our staff is extremely important to us. We are very proud to hold the AS/NZS ISO certifications for Health and Safety, Quality and Environment.

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Our accreditation is due to the hard work and dedication of our New Zealand staff including our full-time in-house Health, Safety and Environmental advisers and trainers, in meeting our health and safety objectives.

Our Health and Safety strategy is underpinned by Leaders who lead by example and walk the talk, staff who are fully engaged and contribute to their health and safety, and by robust systems and processes to measure and report on our journey to zero harm.

Our holistic approach to the welfare of our staff starts from the very beginning, from the day they walk through the door for their interview and continually through their working life with Intergroup.

A focus on training, in particular, our world-class in-house training for water blasting and vacuum loading has given us a competitive edge.

Now with more than 699 staff, and with growth in high hazard areas of our business, such as Oil and Gas work, we are redoubling our efforts to continuously improve health and safety in our workplaces.


InterGroup Ltd ASNZS4801 Certificate


In line with our customer satisfaction objective, high-quality workmanship and continuous improvement are a key focus for Intergroup.

Our ISO 9001:2015 accreditation, audited externally by Telarc, is a testament to the comprehensiveness and robustness of our quality management systems and processes.


InterGroup Ltd QMS Certificate


Our ISO 14001:2015 accreditation for environmental management is independently audited by Telarc. We have a strong commitment to Environmental issues. We contribute positively to our environmental footprint by collecting and processing waste throughout New Zealand, as well as being environmentally aware in our everyday activities.

Over and above stringent environmental controls for compliance, we are also highly focused on improving our sustainability across the group.

Recent initiatives include:

  • Investigations into re-using grease trap waste as a commodity
  • Introduction of innovative environmentally-friendly plant into New Zealand, such as Juggler trucks
  • Use of a bio-diesel blend in all of our vehicles to reduce our carbon footprint
  • Building a fleet of modern, fuel-efficient, emission-controlled vehicles.


InterGroup Ltd EMS Certificate

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