Intergroup has over 35 years’ experience in maintaining stormwater drainage systems. Drain maintenance remains part of the company’s core business today. With quality maintenance by Intergroup, you will no longer be inundated by ‘floods of flooding complaints’.


  • Routine maintenance and 24/7 emergency response
  • Cleaning of catchpits, cesspits, stormwater drains, manholes, grit chambers and pipelines
  • Flushing hydro jets to 600L per minute with water recycling capability – removal of dirt build-up, fat, debris and silt
  • Cleaning of deep soak holes and soakage tunnels (over 10m)
  • Vacuum loading
  • Breathing apparatus and confined space entry
  • CCTV investigation and repair
  • High-pressure root cutting


Specialised (Two-Man) Catchpit Trucks

Intergroup’s catchpit trucks have been designed in-house specifically for catchpit cleaning. A crew member can ride on the side of the truck from catchpit to catchpit. This way, he can immediately position and operate the quick-acting, counterweighted boom for heightened productivity in fulfilling the contract works.

One-Man Catchpit Trucks

This catchpit truck has also been custom-designed by Intergroup. Dual-steering allows the single Operator to use right-hand drive for travelling to and from sites and left-hand drive to steer the vehicle alongside the kerb while it’s operating. As left-hand drive is performed in a standing position, the Operator just needs to step down from the cab and operate the boom via radio control. Reducing labour costs allows Intergroup to provide a more cost-effective service to its customers.

Combination Trucks

Combining water blasting/ flushing and vacuuming capability, these trucks have been developed especially for soak hole cleaning. They come in varying sizes and power ratings to suit the location and accessibility of the surrounding environment.


Cost-Effectiveness, Speed and Efficiency

  • Significant investment to develop water jetting, vacuum loading and CCTV capabilities has made us a one-stop shop for all your drainage maintenance needs
  • Wide selection of plant (e.g. single- or dual-operator, different sizes and power ratings) and experienced operators enable a tailored service to suit your needs, budget and programme
  • Combination units in a single truck for cost-effectiveness and productivity


  • Maintenance advice from our experienced staff ensures your system performs effectively and proactively prevents issues
  • Conformance to the requirements and needs of all customers, ranging from large entities like Auckland Council to individual homeowners

Risk Reduction and Reputation

  • Regular drain maintenance:
    • Eliminates flooding and inconvenience to customers and the public
    • Protects our waterways and beaches from silting and toxic metal contamination
    • Prevents environmental prosecution costs for property owners
  • Staff trained in safe work practices and traffic management
  • Suitable plant available for safe work in narrow streets or locations with overhanging trees
  • Containment of waste for safety and environmental protection
  • Waste dewatering, treatment and disposal through a consented facility


  • An integral role assisting CityCare and SCIRT with emergency cleaning and maintenance of the drainage network following the Christchurch earthquakes
  • Prior long-term service provider for the Tauranga City Council catchpit contract
  • Nationwide culvert flushing work
  • A direct contract with Auckland Transport for four years involving the cleaning and clearing of catchpits, soak holes, watercourses, culverts, megapits, special caged soak holes, sand filters and catchpit pollutant traps in the Isthmus South and East areas
  • Numerous subcontracts for the cleaning of catchpits and soak holes, as well as CCTV drainage inspections, investigations and flushing services across Auckland
  • Response to every storm event in Auckland in the last 20 years
  • On 3 July 2012, 22.2mm of rain in the space of just an hour and a half overwhelmed the capacity of Auckland’s stormwater network. Intergroup promptly mobilised plant and labour to respond to 53 emergency flash flood calls from the Council call centre that day.
“I had a call from Mr Hobson, who logged a job with us yesterday regarding flooding outside 9 Teviot Place Totaravale, just to say how appreciative he was of the contractors who came out and cleaned up the area, sucking up all the water, and removing leaves and rubbish etc. (He) said they left the street looking as though ‘it’ had never happened. He thought the guys were just brilliant.”¬Ě

Christine Heys,
Customer Services,
Auckland Council