As an expert in mechanical road sweeping, Intergroup’s fleet of road sweepers includes the Broom Bear Road Sweeper – one of the most rugged and efficient mechanical sweepers on the market today. The Broom Bear has been designed to be dangerous on debris, but safe for the operator.

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The Broom Bear can be used for all types of road sweeping; however, its powerful mechanical operation makes it most suitable for:

  • Emergency cleanup (24/7)
  • Road construction cleanup
  • Milling cleanup
  • Chip seal cleanup


Cost-Effectiveness, Speed and Efficiency

  • Greater coverage – sweeps up to 3.7m width in one pass
  • 12,000m² an hour (~10% faster than a miller)
  • High dump hopper working with a tip truck – never has to leave site
  • Conveyor system for enhanced debris collection
  • Greater water and hopper capacity – fewer stops; maximum uptime and profitability
  • One vehicle does it all (no windrows with tractor brooms, sucker trucks or hand sweepers)
  • Greater fuel efficiency – single vehicle, single engine, greater coverage, fewer stops
  • Can record waste/over chipping for future quantity amendment


  • Fewer reversing manoeuvres due to greater capacity
  • No need for hand sweepers – deft, long-reach gutter brooms and short wheelbase
  • Reversing cameras and alarms
  • Central controls – fully operable inside cab and tactile for safety (maintain view of road)
  • Fewer vehicles for traffic management
  • Higher driver position for improved vision
  • Bigger, more visible operation
  • Better dust suppression for public and worker health – constant water spray


  • Fuel efficiency reduces carbon footprint
  • Removes contaminants before they can enter/block storm drains


  • Enhanced performance mitigates public complaints re-chip seal and millings (windscreens, car panelwork, tracking into garages and houses)
  • Quieter – single engine, no vacuum fan, purely mechanical operation (hydraulically driven)
  • Minimises dust complaints, with 12 nozzles for effective dust control
  • In and out faster – minimal disruption to the public
  • Manoeuvrability for performance in narrow streets, corners and cul-de-sacs


Over the last few years, Intergroup has used the Broom Bear successfully to clean up large volumes of loose chip on residential streets in Taupo, millings from pavement replacement work in Katikati, and for cleaning up reseal work right across the greater Auckland area.

“Blocked grates are a key cause of flooding, this is easily prevented through regular sweeping.”

Jock Ferguson,
Takapuna resident

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1. Short Wheelbase
  • 5.8m turning radius for manoeuvrability
2. Variable-Height Side-Shift Dump
  • Unloading at heights from 80cm to 3m for easy roll off and clean dumping
  • 30cm side shift capability for truck/container loading
  • Up to 5 tonne capacity
  • 20-70 second dumping intervals
3. Large Hopper
  • 50° dump angle for efficient offloading
  • Increased capacity (4.1m3) for fewer stops
4. Dual Side Brooms and Main Broom
  • Large 1.1m floating side brooms (four-way motion)
  • Fully floating main broom to avoid obstacles
5. Large Water Tank System
  • 1,600L tank for fewer stops
6. Conveyor System
  • Matched to broom speed for optimal loading
  • Can be raised to avoid obstacles