Intergroup provides standard and high-tech septic tank treatment systems for numerous clients in different sectors across New Zealand and internationally. With a focus on customer satisfaction, owners of septic tanks from various environments can get advice and support from Intergroup to help keep our environment safe.

What’s the difference between standard and high-tech septic cleaning?

Standard Septic Tank Cleaning

Standard septic tanks typically split wastewater into three layers:

  • Scum (top layer – which floats on the surface)
  • Liquid (middle layer)
  • Solids/sludge (located at the bottom of the tank – the depth varies with use)

While the liquid layer is handled inside the septic tank, sludge and excess scum in the septic tanks need to be vacuumed at least every three years to make sure the septic tanks work as intended.

High-tech Septic Tank Cleaning

Equipped with several chambers, high-tech septic tanks are designed to treat wastewater in a more advanced way than standard septic tanks. Each of these chambers has its own specific function to improve how the wastewater is treated before being distributed into the disposal field.

To further enhance its quality, the wastewater is often filtered through a sand or textile filter system. High-tech septic tanks are more technologically complex compared to standard septic tanks and they need to be maintained regularly.

Contact Intergroup to discuss high-tech septic tank cleaning. In addition, we will also ensure that your septic tank meets your building requirements and satisfy any resource consent.

What can Intergroup do to clean my septic tanks?

Intergroup are highly experienced in servicing septic tanks and maintaining septic tanks’ health. Our clients for this service include food processing and manufacturing businesses, restaurants and fast food chains, local government authorities, and industrial waste generators.


Cleaning and maintenance of:
  • Heavy oil tanks
  • Crude and sludge tanks (onshore and offshore)
  • Ballast tanks
  • Fuel tanks
  • Septic tanks (standard and high-tech)
  • Greywater tanks
Vacuum loading capabilities:
  • Removal of dry and wet waste
  • Truck – or trailer-mounted mobile units – so we can come to you
  • Varied fleet ranging from 3,000L to 24,000L capacity (truck and trailer) – selected to best suit different applications, access conditions and environments
  • Wet or dry filtration methods for dust/small particle control
    • Powerful vacuums for lifting in excess of 30m vertically and 200m horizontally (27” Hg)
  • Excavated materials are immediately contained and removed from the worksite
  • Dangerous goods certification, breathing apparatus and confined space entry available
  • On-board waste separation and dewatering available for environmental friendliness and cost efficiency

Other service options:

Water Blasting:
  • Cleaning of tanks, holding facilities etc.
Waste Removal:
  • Transport, delivery, dewatering, treatment and consented disposal of various waste types
Waste Storage:
  • Removal, storage and reinstatement of fuel and other materials for re-use
24/7 Emergency Response:
  • Rostered call-outs and surge capacity for availability, every time
  • Reactive response followed by proactive prevention measures
Total Project Management Option:
  • Condition assessment budgeting, advice and maintenance planning right through to works management, fiscal control and quality assurance (to international standards)


Cost-effectiveness, Speed and Efficiency
  • A one-stop shop for all your liquid waste management needs, including CCTV
  • Wide selection of plant allows a tailored service to suit your needs, budget and programme
  • Waste transfer/offloading capability allows continued operations
  • Powerful vacuums for maximum productivity
  • On-board dewatering to reduce disposal costs
Risk Reduction and Reputation
  • Containment of waste for safety and environmental protection
  • Experienced staff trained in safe handling and confined space entry
  • 40 operators and a wide range of plant – rapid response to emergency call-outs
  • Smart plant choices and operator experience reduce disruption in built-up areas
  • Consented facilities supply waste disposal certificates for proof of compliance
  • Dust control to reduce public complaints


Auckland Council Onsite Wastewater Management Systems Pump-Out and Inspection

Intergroup cleaned approximately 1,500 septic tanks in West Auckland each year for 14 years – with regular contract renewal as a positive indicator of client satisfaction with our service.

Fast Food Chain Grease Trap Servicing

These ongoing contracts involve the servicing of 62 fast food stores in the Auckland and Upper North Island area. Servicing cycles are flexible to best suit each store’s size, capacity, and patronage.

Eastern Christchurch Septic Tank Servicing

Since the earthquakes destroyed the wastewater network, we have provided daily servicing of the temporary septic tanks in the east of Christchurch to help keep the city sanitary.