Environmentally friendly & effective


The first step to road resurfacing, for safer roads.

Intergroup has been rehabilitating road surfaces from Cape Reinga to Marlborough for councils, road controlling authorities and contractors through the use of waterjet cutting. This includes up to 65,000m2 of road in Manawatu for Higgins, and a history of work for Fulton Hogan, HEB and Transfield Services. We have also removed line markings using water cutting during the Tauranga Eastern Link project.

Race Tracks

We have completed rubber removal from the starting position at Meremere Race Track to prevent tear off from causing damage to the track surface and vehicles.


With water cutting, we quickly removed out-of-date runway number markings at Hamilton Airport.


Road Surface Rehabilitation

  • Water cutting of bitumen/asphaltic/concrete surfaces
  • Restoration of road surfaces close to their original friction coefficients – for safer driving
  • Preparation for resealing
  • Removal of excess bituminous sheen and flushing
  • Removal of algae, lichen, and other surface contamination in one hit
  • Treatment of up to 1m in width in a single pass
  • Ultra-high pressure water jetting units in a variety of configurations (to 55,000psi and 750hp)

Line Marking/Rubber Removal

  • Removal of markings (thermoplastic, cap, paint, rumble strip, anti-skid and many more)
  • Removal of rubber build up


Cost-Effectiveness, Speed and Efficiency

  • A one-stop shop for all your road maintenance needs
  • Ultra high-pressure water jetting – faster and more cost effective than resealing
  • Deeper cutting for longer-lasting friction
  • Multi-jet rotary units together with low flow – economical and ecologically-friendly
  • Combination trucks (combining water jetting with vacuum loading) for efficiency
  • 24/7 operations available to suit the location, road type, traffic and ambient temperatures
  • Offloading/waste transfer and separate dewatering unit for continued operations


  • Ultra high-pressure water jetting (highest pressure in NZ) delivers streak-free surfaces close to their original friction coefficients
  • Sand circle tests available to confirm finished texture

Risk Reduction and Reputation

  • Safer, non-slippery road surfaces
  • Allows faster run-off of rainwater – improving the driver’s view of the carriageway
  • Manoeuvrable rotary water cutters contain water pressure and provide safe operator distance
  • Safety cameras, monitors, and hands-free headsets for live driver-operator communication
  • Trained and experienced STMS for safety
  • Containment of waste (with vacuum loading) – no slurry residue
  • De-watering, treatment and consented disposal for environmental protection
  • More environmentally friendly and less disruptive than resealing with new materials
  • Truck-mounted, containerised units quiet enough for work in built-up areas
“We do a yearly resurfacing of the Auckland Harbour Bridge. Intergroup brings ultra-high pressure water jetting equipment to remove the residual urethane coating and bring it to a bare steel finish. They have been doing this for us for three years now and I will be ringing them again this year. They’ve done a great job. They’ve always delivered within our schedule. I have nothing but positive comments about their service.”

Graham Matthews,
General Manager,
TBS Corporation