Intergroup is an industry leader in high pressure and ultra-high pressure water jetting for industrial and marine surface cleaning and preparation. We are continuously developing our technical and process capabilities to safely deliver the high quality results our customers demand. We bring unparalleled expertise and a wide range of plant to tackle the most demanding tasks.

  • 60 trucks, plus tools and accessories for a wide range of specialised tasks
  • The most experienced UHP Water Jetting operators in New Zealand
  • In-house trainers ensure our operators are highly skilled in the safe and effective use of equipment to ANZ standards
  • Both manual (operator with lance) and automated capabilities
  • 100HP to 1,000HP pumps producing pressures of up to 55,000psi – the highest in Australasia
  • Low flow rates used in conjunction with ultra-high pressure for precision applications
  • High volume capability for tank cleaning and automated water jetting equipment
  • Single, double or multi-jet operation – up to six tools from one pump simultaneously
  • Specialised equipment, for example:
    • Hydrocat 55,000psi robotic coating removal
    • Peinemann bundle extractor and triple-lance tube cleaners
    • Conjet hydrodemolition equipment
    • Hammelman and WOMA pumps – zone rated equipment for use offshore and in petrochemical facilties such as refineries
  • Customised equipment developed in-house e.g. heads with 90⁰ jets for furnace cleaning

UHP Water Jetting Applications

  • Tank and silo cleaning and decontamination
  • Pipeline cleaning and descaling
  • Cleaning boilers, furnaces, heat exchangers, evaporator tubes, steam lines and other industrial plant and equipment
  • Removal of corrosion, marine growth, paint and other coatings
  • Preparation for re-coating
  • Hydrodemolition
  • Hydroexcavation – combining water jetting with vacuum loading to remove the risk of damage to buried utility services and tree roots

Benefits to you

Cost-Effectiveness, Speed and Efficiency

  • State-of-the-art equipment and techniques for optimum efficiency and effectiveness
  • Scalable resources to meet your deadline, no matter the project size. We have deployed up to 120 operators for one project to meet a tight shutdown programme
  • Automated and robotic equipment removes the need for scaffolding – saving time and money


  • Range of cleaning heads and lances (robotic or manual, fixed or rotary), and flat-bed units for optimal cleaning in each situation
  • Water Jetting is more effective than chemical cleaning
  • Experienced operators and stringent quality assurance to your specifications
  • All equipment maintained to a high standard in our own workshops

Safety and Environmental Protection

  • Environmentally friendly – no chemicals used
  • Containment of waste for safety and environmental protection
  • Unmanned tank cleaning eliminates risks of working in confined spaces
  • Robotic tools reduce need for operators to work at heights

Success stories to date

“We do a yearly resurfacing of the Auckland Harbour Bridge. Intergroup brings ultra-high pressure water jetting equipment to remove the residual urethane coating and bring it to a bare steel finish. They have been doing this for us for three years now and I will be ringing them again this year. They’ve done a great job. They’ve always delivered within our schedule. I have nothing but positive comments about their service.”

– Graham Matthews, General Manager, TBS Corporation.

For over ten years, we have performed maintenance work on the tube tunnels and heat exchangers at the Ngawha Geothermal Power Station for Top Energy. We have invested in a remote-controlled robotic system to greatly improve the efficiency of operations, and reduce or eliminate safety risks.

“Intergroup works at our Ngawha geothermal plant during planned and unplanned shutdowns. Heat exchanger and pressure vessel cleaning, including confined space work is very important to help ensure that shutdown time is minimised and maximum efficiency is maintained. Intergroup has always provided a great team and the right equipment to get the job done with 24 hour onsite coverage fitting within our timeline. I would highly recommend their services. We will be calling upon them soon for our next planned shutdown.”

– Ray Robinson, Plant Manager, Top Energy Group.

At the Royal NZ Navy Dockyard, Devonport, Intergroup is the preferred exclusive supplier for all marine and ship industrial services. With a 25-year relationship of trust and satisfaction, we service national and international naval and commercial vessels including ferries, container/shipping vessels, navy frigates, dive boats and superyachts.

“The Intergroup team quickly met the challenges of cleaning the machinery spaces on the ex Royal New Zealand Navy Ship, RESOLUTION. Cleaning was undertaken to bilges, machinery, deck plates, and bulkheads; and was completed ahead of time and to the required standard. Their friendly, motivated and professional staff take huge pride in their work and are a pleasure to deal with.”

– Matt Penny, Project Manager, Marine Management Ltd.

For contact Energy, we are de-scaling 400mm diameter pipes where the effective diameter has been reduced to 100mm by the build-up of silica deposits. Our 55,000psi water jetting, using a head specially developed in-house, removes all deposits with no damage to the pipe structure.