Victoria Street Bridge Repaint and Structural Maintenance

Victoria Street Bridge Repaint and Structural Maintenance

Constructed in  1907, the Victoria Bridge is a 141m long and 35.4m high steel plate girder deck arch across Waikato River linking central and east Hamilton. Exposed to harsh environmental conditions, it requires repainting every 20 – 25 years to provide protection against deterioration and corrosion.

In mid-2022, after a successful tender process, Waipa District Council engaged InterGroup to provide water wash and corrosion protection services, and structural repairs.

Waipa District Council were clear about what they wanted from this project: 

  • A contractor experienced in spot repairs and full repaints of large-scale infrastructure 
  • Minimal disruption over the duration of the project 
  • Robust subcontractor management 
  • A strong environmental performance 
  • Exceptional communication

A Public Heritage Structure

The bridge is a designated Public Heritage structure, and its future was at the centre of some debate during the local elections. Proactive communication of work and progress to Council was vital to ensure they were well-equipped to update interested ratepayers and other members of the community. We worked closely with Council’s appointed Communications Specialist, feeding into regular updates provided on their website and through an E-Newsletter. This proactive approach meant the project was completed without public complaints.


What We Did

This was a complex project, conducted at height, over water and on an operational and highly trafficked road and pedestrian bridge. It required a stringently systematic approach and robust methodology to safely and efficiently deliver the broad scope of works. Works included vegetation clearance and scaffolding setup and wrapping, asbestos encapsulation, water blasting and coating remediation, structural concrete repairs, steel remediation, spot corrosion repairs and bird spike installation. We also provided additional works such as steel crevice sealing, installation of welding strain gauges for traffic impact tests, anchor block repairs, Dexafeet reinforcement, and handrail improvements.

Key challenges were posed by working at height, over water and in high winds. Our rigorous safety and environmental procedures were followed at all times, and our scaffold design and installation process and innovative ‘leapfrog’ staging system ensured safety, efficiency, and on-time completion.

Maximising Value

InterGroup’s commitment went above and beyond the core project. In close collaboration with Waipa District Council we sought to maximise value to the community – carrying out additional arborist work to improve visibility of this landmark bridge, while also providing added protection with the use of anti-graffiti coatings in the more graffiti-targeted areas of the bridge. 

We also achieved a number of efficiencies through staging, methodology and product selection, including: 

  • Our innovative ‘leap-frog’ staging and scaffolding methodology minimised disruption while maximising safety and environmental outcomes. This approach ensured the structural integrity of the bridge was never compromised and meant the bridge could safely remain open and operational throughout. This was an unexpected added benefit for Council, who had anticipated significant disruption from traffic management and bridge and lane closures. 
  • Working with Council and our suppliers, we decided on moisture-cured urethane paint. With its ability to be applied successfully in a wide range of conditions, this product choice significantly accelerated the programme, enabling us to complete by Council’s 2023 deadline despite numerous variations and added scope.

Overall Performance

The project was completed in line with the client’s budget and programme, with a strong health, safety, quality and environmental performance and to the client’s satisfaction.


Client Feedback

We are very grateful to InterGroup for their great work. They delivered on their promises, and provided great value for money. They were very attentive to safety and used the latest technology and techniques. They lead the team of contractors that were needed to get this job completed, and would gladly use them again as the lead contractor. They also positively contributed to the planning of the works to ensure Council got the best value possible.

The bridge was an important and historic link in our district. The community is very happy with the completed job, and the lack of disruption during the works.

Paul Strange, Asset Management Team Leader -Transportation, Waipa District Council

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